MacBook Pro (The Good & Not As Good)


It’s been almost two weeks since I received my precious new 13″ MacBook Pro as a birthday gift (thanks again Luke!). After about a week of use, here’s what I think from a completely non-technical perspective:

The Good

  1. The exterior design is beautiful. I love to look at and hold it.  (Watch the unibody video @
  2. The desktop and visual appearance of the operating system (OSX) in general is happy (minimal) and really easy to use.  The screen is crisp and colorful… it’s relaxing and intuitive to navigate around despite the differences with Windows.
  3. Keyboard backlight… it’s pretty… and functional.

The Bad (Or, Not As Good)

  1. It seems I’m a little slow to adapt to the Multi-Touch Trackpad.  I really want to rest my hand on something and still find myself being clumsy when it comes to clicking.  I’m trying top pickup some keyboard shortcuts, but I just still feel like a mouse would be so much more comfortable.  I miss my mouse, but I’m not giving up yet on getting used to something new that could potentially be better.
  2. Luke just pointed out that it’s expensive… $1200 to own the one I’ve got, but of course you get the iTouch and printer with a “rebate”.  And, there’s an education discount I was able to take advantage of as well.  I’ll take quality at a cost any day though… any day.
  3. Non-replaceable  battery… ask me in two years.

Aside from the MacBook, we’ve got iPhones and an iPad as well.  I’ve found the attention to detail and overall coolness of our Apple products is consistent among lines.  I guess you could say it’s official… Luke and I have both consumed the Kool-Aid.

I came across an excellent article the other day.  I’m actually using it as a case study in class.  Invincible Apple: 10 Lessons From the Coolest Company Anywhere

Next stop… Starbucks… it just feel appropriate.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. steve  •  Jun 27, 2010 @8:52 am

    Have you turned off the option of having to physical click ‘down’ on the pad? I hate that. Just tapping it seems quicker and more elegant way of using the computer.