A True Shade of Green


It recently dawned on me that Luke might just be “greener” than I am.  This is startling news…

For one, Luke doesn’t use soap or any other chemicals for hygiene purposes.  I’d love to take this opportunity to comment about his smell, but he in fact maintains a pleasant odor regardless of his limited chemical use.  He has what I refer to as the “hippie towel” (AKA synthetic plastic exfoliating device) that eliminates the need to use wash clothes.  Now, he does use deodorant after determining that it was indeed necessary.

In contrast, I have entire drawers dedicated to the products I use for hygiene purposes.  I use special soaps, facial cleansers & moisturizers, shampoos & conditioners, lotions, scented sprays, hair styling creme… and on and on. As I was going through the process of getting ready this morning, I realized the number of products I use is bordering ridiculous.  Although three different products go into my hair alone, it still doesn’t look like I just left the salon… so, what’s the point?  Also, I really don’t see a dramatic difference between Luke’s skin and my own so I have to wonder if all of the anti-wrinkle, sunscreen and moisturizing agents I use are pointless as well.  If I went with Luke’s methodology, I can’t imagine all of the resources I’d be saving… bottles, chemicals, transportation, etc.  Would it kill me not to smell fruity?

Another point… Luke refuses to recycle. Up until recently, I considered this to be green blasphemy… I mean, recycling is a major component of the three Rs, which is the mission statement of all those who claim to be earth friendly.  But, it actually took a little economics 101 to make me see the light… if there’s no market for the recycled materials, you’re actually using up more resources just to essentially throw stuff away.   It seems recycling is just a way for us to feel good about ourselves for overconsumption.  Go figure!

The “R” that Luke does live by is reduce… he consumes only what he needs and isn’t tempted by the retail madness that takes over… like, every time I’m in Target!  He buys what he needs and just isn’t affected by the marketing that seems to influence the rest of us (with the exception of shiny electronics).

With this realization, I’ve decided Luke’s way is the most authentic way to go.  He could care less about being “green” and just simply makes decisions that he feels make sense.  Somehow, those decisions include eating right, staying active and consuming less… something I think most people could learn from.

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