Vintage Ads


I’ve always loved ads… on my own time of course.  I get just as frustrated as anyone else when it comes to advertisements being forced on you, but there’s certainly a way to inform and persuade without being pushy.  Now more than ever, I think companies are realizing this and trying to integrate rather than infiltrate.

One of the fascinating things about ads is that they represent little snapshots in time.  When I came across this FOX News slideshow of 41 vintage ads, I was reminded just how much our culture has changed in such a short period of time.  From the perception of women’s role in culture to the many fabulous benefits of smoking, you really do have to wonder how today’s messages will be received at some point in the future.  Will we look back and wonder how stupid we were to force tobacco companies to issue ads against their own products or how ridiculous it was for pharmaceutical companies to market their wares despite significant chances of “heart attack, stroke,severe infection or death”?  What about ads for politicians, personal lubricant, soda, frozen dinners, etc.?  What will become of them?   With pressure on ads to be more captivating to suit our shorter and shorter attention spans, will we even have time for promotional messages as we know them now?

A quote I recently picked up from one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a while, Art & Copy: Inside Advertising’s Creative Revolution ,is “Advertising: Art Serving Capitalism.”  So true… so true.

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