Knock, Knock…


I’m excited to say that the American Society for Quality (ASQ) has reached out and asked me to participate in their new Influential Voices initiative as a “quality expert.”.  I don’t have all of the details quite yet, but I’m honored that they thought of me and am really looking forward to contributing content.  As a senior member of ASQ, I do stay active in their LinkedIn discussion boards and of course follow them on Twitter as well.  They’re an excellent organization offering education and resources across a variety of industries.  And, I’m never short on commentary so I think it will be an excellent fit!

Also, I’ve been asked to write an article pertaining to a recent LinkedIn discussion I started regarding common quality misconceptions.  The article will highlight this topic in relation to the pharmaceutical & medical device industry.  It will be placed in a newsletter that I’m told reaching over 60,000 professionals in the field.  The discussion thread sparked some really interesting comments that will make for some rich content in the article.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to delving in… And, somewhere in there, I still want to hit the books and get the GMAT going. I’d hate to pass up a chance at going back to school for my PhD because I’m scared to death of a little math!

Busy, busy…

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1 Comment

  1. Fay Spano  •  Sep 14, 2010 @5:22 pm

    We welcome Jennifer as part of our effort to Raise the Voice of Quality!