Quality Time


As the holidays come to a close, I’m left thinking about the value of time spent with friends and family.  Throughout the year, it seems I get so absorbed in the day-to-day that my time is more managed and not necessarily focused on developing relationships with those I care about the most. Put into perspective, there are a finite number of hours in a day and specific tasks that need to be accomplished. That’s an obvious reality for most of us, so it’s easy to see how the auto-pilot mode and prioritization happens. But, during the holidays, I somehow find myself more relaxed and focused… more involved.  With my kids, it’s not all about homework and discipline and with my husband, it’s not all about stuff going on at work. It’s a nice change of pace!

So, as the New Year quickly approaches and this time comes to a close, my resolution is going to be to slow down and make a conscious effort to dedicate more quality time with the people I care about.  There’s something to be said for quality…

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