Goals for Quality in 2011


Hmmmm…. what are my goals for 2011? That’s a challenging question, although it seems quite simple on the surface. Paul Borawski got me thinking about this in his latest ASQ post.  By the way, I like that he framed the question with “goals” instead of “resolutions.” Semantics or not, it just sounds more attainable that way!

Professionally, I want to continue writing about quality.  Having my misconceptions article published a few months ago made me realize that my voice has influence.  And, I want to be able to use that voice to reach as many as people as possible. In the twelve years I’ve been with Pro QC, I’ve learned a thing or two about quality and made at least one or two observations worth sharing.  🙂

Also, I expect the Pro QC blog to be up and running by March so I want to lead that initiative and keep the momentum going.  Of course, my ijenn blog is something I’d like to be able to dedicate more time to.  It’s been such an excellent medium for me to be able to generate and develop new ideas.  Connecting with people on LinkedIn, Twitter and various other forums has also been such an excellent way to connect with people and learn new things.  I hope to dedicate more time to developing my online presence.

Also professionally, I want to keep up the quality of my work as an adjunct instructor at HCC.  Going on my fifth year, I worry that one day I’ll lose the newbie enthusiasm and become one of those professors that go through the motions as they click their PowerPoints.  Honestly, teaching is one of the most rewarding and amazing things I’ve ever done.  I enjoy every moment, right down to the smell of the classroom! I don’t want to lose that passion… and, I want to kick butt at the USF classes this year and spread the love where eMarketing is concerned.  I really think I can help small business owners create and implement a strategy that will drive their success.  I know I can.

Personally, I refer to my prior post regarding spending more quality time with my friends and family.  I think that about sums it up.  Of course, this will be my second year delaying my application to to the doctoral program but I’m a believer that’s there’s a right time and place for things and this just isn’t it.  Juggling work and family is a handful now, and I think quality would suffer in all areas if I took on a doctorate.  It remains on my “to do” list though.

I know a few people who have bailed on making resolutions, using the excuse that it’s simply an activity that’s doomed to fail from the start.  But, I disagree. Putting it out there makes me accountable and it keeps me on track… you’ll see! 🙂

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