ASQ Monthly Meeting Speaking Opportunity


I was so excited to hear from an old friend this morning that I worked with at HSN a few years back.  When I first started with Pro QC in 1999 and for several years after that, I managing the HSN account and became very close with the people there.  They really are a great group! And, the QA department there is about as dedicated as they come!

Anyway, I received a message this morning via LinkedIn asking if I would be interested in speaking at the local ASQ meeting (Section 1508) in June.  It’s going to be awesome… I just need to figure out what I’m going to talk about.  There are so many possibilities!



  1. Pam Stanton  •  Jan 6, 2011 @10:06 am

    Congratulations. Speaking is so much fun! Here’s an idea: talk about the growing importance of Emotional Intelligence and Soft Skills in the workplace. I’m really passionate about the subject and can give you some ideas.

    Best of luck, and enjoy it!


  2. jenn  •  Jan 6, 2011 @11:15 am

    Thanks Pam! I’ve started incorporating EI and soft skills into my management course. I think it really adds value to the class! I’ll check out your website and look into this further. My first choice for a topic is social responsibility, but I need to look back and see if someone has already talked about that.