Ensure Food Safety With 3rd Party Assessment


I just read Paul Borawski’s latest ASQ post and learned a few things about food safety legislation.  While I wasn’t that knowledgable about the food industry beforehand, per se, I can say that I know a thing or two about the value of third-party assessments as a preventative tool that no doubt reduces risks and cost.

Having worked with Pro QC for going on twelve years now, I’ve seen it work time and time again.  I’ve had clients positioned all over the world approach me in need of some serious crisis management… and, it’s usually not pretty.  I can tell you that they’re the most vocal proponents of preventative action after the dust has settled.  The last thing they want to deal with is another crisis!  I always give props to those clients who approach me in the beginning and want to incorporate a preventative strategy.  Even if only one debacle is averted, it’s no doubt worth the time, effort and resources.  And, when has it been only one anyway?!

With Pro QC, I’m usually working with various consumer retail products.  Even products that lack complexity have well documented requirements we inspect and test against.   I can’t even imagine the level of oversight the food industry has.  In fact, I’m actually a little surprised we only recently had a President sign legislation giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the power to recall tainted food, quarantine geographic areas, and access food producers’ records.  All I can say is, what was going on before… seriously?

I guess the bottom line is that third-party assessments, regardless of geographic considerations, just makes sense.  The value is that you get assurance from an unbiased, experienced and knowledgeable source.  You reduce risks and cost… yes, cost!  In this case, you ensure that the food I put in front of my kids is safe.  Why are we even debating this?

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