Super Bowl XLV Ads – Winners & Losers #superbowl


I don’t follow football… and, I’m not ashamed to admit I don’t even know how to play.  But, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a part of the 75% of the population that consider the ads part of the entertainment during the Super Bowl.  One of my favorite documentaries, Art & Copy, noted that advertising is simply art serving capitalism.  And, I’d have to agree… especially when it comes down to the cut throat and high budget art that you get during the big game.

So, I’ve watched the ads via Advertising Age a couple of times now and have determined which I like best.

Volkswagon – “The Force”: As a Star Wars fan and someone who lives in the suburbs with kids, I found this ad totally entertaining.  It hit the target market dead on.

Audi- “Release the Hounds”: This one hit the target market dead on with a clear message.  And, it was entertaining for everyone.

As for my least favorite of the bunch, I’m going with Motorola’s Empower the People ad.  How inconsistent is it to talk about a “tablet to create a better world” by piggy backing on the best ad ever made… I’m talking about Apple’s 1984 ad, of course.  I mean, come on!  What a terrible way to introduce something that’s supposed to be so innovative and new.  The message is all wrong and they only promoted Apple to those of us who are old enough to remember that changing moment in advertising history or those of us who have ever taken a marketing or communications class.  Bad move… enough said.

As for Coca-Cola and Kia, I just thought the ads were too epic.  I failed to get the message out of either of them and got lost in all the clutter.  Oh, and I’m never going to like the E-Trade baby ads… it’s never going to happen!

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