My quality vs your quality…


I have no problem admitting that I have OCD tendencies where cleanliness is concerned.  I can’t help but need to have everything picked up and tidy at any given time… but, I’m what my husband refers to as a “surface cleaner.” It’s true that I focus on the immediate visual order of things, rather than targeting in on things like dusty baseboards and cabinet surfaces.  I’ll usually wait until it absolutely has to be done and then revel in the difficulty of it… just think of the resources that are required to really get a house clean!

This time, I decided to try something different.  I reached out to a friend asking for a cleaning service recommendation. I recalled that she had some stuff done a few months back… anyway, she referred me to MaidPro.

When I called MaidPro, the first thing I took note of was that I couldn’t get a price.  The rep was incredibly nice and helpful, but it took several minutes of me providing information before I could find out what kind of impact my idea would have on my wallet.  Needless to say, a 4 hour cleaning of bathrooms, floors, baseboards and the kitchen was going to run $195.

I remained optimistic about this whole endeavor until the two ladies arrived to do the work.  Now, I will say that they were friendly and seemed to keep up a continuous level of work during my booked time. But, the quality just wasn’t there… they were essentially doing the surface cleaning I had already done.  The house looked perfect when they arrived, except for what I had explained as being dirty baseboards, floors, etc.  I wanted to see them put some love into the project… at least deliver the level of effort that I would have if I had gone ahead and decided to make a go of it myself.  Actually, am I wrong to make the assumption that the level of quality put in should be greater from an outsourced individual… for $195?

The result is that I likely won’t call on another service to help me out.  Either my expectations of cleanliness are just too high or people just don’t care … either way, it kind of sucks that I’m back having to do it myself!

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