J.R. Watkins Marketing #Fail


In its purist form, quality means doing it right…

I’m a sucker for packaging and labeling.  I’m drawn to all things “natural” thinking that it must be better for me than the alternative… the “not natural” stuff.  Of course, the logical side of me knows that it’s simply a matter of semantics and that all things are pretty much “natural” in one form or another, but the rest of me  loves stuff that’s “good.”

When I purchased the J.R. Watkins Hand Soap for $3.99 (substitutes were significantly less), I was satisified that I had purchased something with “conscience-clearing power.” But, it turns out they’ve overlooked a serious labeling flaw and appear to have a little bit of a marketing faux pas on their hands.

You see, on the front of the bottle it proudly indicates that “J.R. Watkins natural plant based formulas are Amonia Free, Aminal Testing Free, Axiety Free, Guilt Free, Bleach Free, Phosphate Free and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free.”  But, if you turn it over and read the ingredients, it appears that sodium laureth sulfate is the 2nd item on the list after water.  And it’s not even the most “not natural” sounding item included! There’s cocamidopropyl betaine and methylisothiazolinone too.  I don’t know Watkins Incorporated, but that doesn’t sound very “conscious clearing” to me!


1 Comment

1 Comment

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