Castle Hills (Bright Realty) Marketing Win


This is such an innovative way to market… I love it!

Last night, I was catching up with the latest movie trailers that had been downloaded and came across Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang. At first glance, it looked like a pretty good pick for Aidan… it was heartfelt and dramatic and was even an official selection of the the 2011 Dallas Film International Festival (as Luke would say, “it has vines”).

But at closer glance, you start to notice strange things, like that it’s presented by Bright Realty.  Who are they?  Realty? OK, then it catches your ear that the film will be available on April 3rd at   Almost all URLs for movies end in “movie” so I started thinking that a creative way to promote  the film would be to set up a fake community website.  But, what I realized in putting it all together was that the community was real and the realty company had actually produced the film as an effort to promote Castle Hills… Eureka!

I found a post talking about the community and Chris Brights’s incentive for taking on the project.  The article indicates he spent $1m to produce the one-hour family film about life in the Dallas, TX 2500 acre community.

Now that’s just good marketing…

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