Tata Group is awesome…


The latest View From the Q post included a series of videos from an interview with Dr. J.J. Irani, who was “in the C-Suite of Tata Sons, based in India, as the Managing Director of Tata Steel for nearly a decade, and then on the Board.” Having just watched the video series and then digging around a little about Tata, I’m just so impressed at what a powerhouse of business Tata Group is and how they are such a living example of best corporate practices.  I really am! I had heard of Tata Motors and Tata Global Beverage, of course, but I had no idea how much more there was.

The Tata Group turns out to be “one of India’s oldest, largest and most respected business conglomerates.”  Spread out over seven business sectors, I can’t say I’ve seen many companies so well diversified and positioned. With a history dating back before liberalisation, it’s just impressive to see such an inspired organization.  From all accounts I can see, they actually “walk the walk.”

While I enjoyed all four videos, there were two key points that Dr. Irani communicated with both passion and sincerity.

“Quality of management systems is the DNA of the organization.”

“Corporate social responsibility is not a cost… it is always an investment.”

I think the biggest hesitation in talking to Pro QC prospects regarding the importance of top-down, unified quality efforts, is simply convincing them that it’s an investment and not a cost.  I truly believe that to be true and also reiterate this to my students.

If every organization centered their organizations around these two value propositions, we would eliminate the issues we face today and ensure sustainable prosperity.

Check out all four videos… My favorite was this one:

“Big Q” is where it’s at!

Oh, there’s also a must-see Ad Gallery… 



  1. Dallas Dunlap  •  Jul 26, 2011 @4:43 pm

    Jenn: Re your desire to live in Norway (as per tweet): Many people promote peace and love in the USA. See the writing on the bathroom wall at HCC in your previous post.

  2. jenn  •  Jul 27, 2011 @1:04 pm

    Well, hello there professor Dunlap… 🙂 I guess the difference is in how we handle ourselves in times of crisis… After 911, Americans became obsessed with hunting down and killing terrorists… still are, in fact. But, the same thing happens somewhere like Norway and the people join together and the government supports democracy and respect. While the writing on the HCC bathroom wall sounds uplifting and positive, what are the chances that the person that wrote it really lives it?