beta – The jstepnio profile & feedback


So, I think it was Mashable where I first got a heads up about, which was touted as being an easy infographic resume tool.

I finally got my invite the other day and played around it with it for a few.   Here’s my feedback on the beta evaluation…

  • Limited customization – I’d like to have more options to adjust the size and general layout. Currently, there are six templates to choose from, and none of them seemed really spectacular.  A little more tweaking capability, especially where formatting is concerned, would be helpful. The color schemes and such were fine.
  • Limited content editing – I really wasn’t able to customize info to a great extend… For example, I can’t see where I can incorporate the several titles I’ve had at Pro QC throughout the years.  It’s only representing the most current one over the entire span of time.
  • Instead of only allowing LinkedIn info, why not allow people to import their resumes from other sources (like .doc files) and customize from there? I will admit, however, that pulling the info from LinkedIn sure was convenient!

While I didn’t spend too much time playing around with this because I’ve got a list a mile long to get through today, I did end up with this:  It’s certainly a pretty way of introducing yourself, but I think it’s missing the bigger picture of what employers are looking for.  What there is now only skims the surface…



  1. Tipster  •  Sep 12, 2011 @12:50 pm

    I like much better. Try it out.

  2. jenn  •  Sep 12, 2011 @4:11 pm

    That does look cool… will check it out, thanks!