What does time say about us?


In the short-term, at least, I’m not so sure how well time is treating humanity.  At the end of the year, there are always these summary videos of activity that I watch and wonder about.  This year, I had an interesting observation.  The Google Zeitgeist 2011 summary reflects the realities of what went on this year.

But, the FaceBook and YouTube data seem to indicate that people just don’t care about what’s actually going on.  We’re looking at things like Nyan Cat and worrying about what celebrities are doing (Charlie Sheen blew away Hurricane Irene in FaceBook updates).  We simply don’t seem to dedicate any true mindfulness regarding how we can contribute to making the world better.  It’s almost as if we think about it, introspectively, but don’t follow-up in our conversations and actions as they relate to others.  Are we afraid to be too serious?

I worry about us sometimes.  And,  I ask myself… what can I do?

UPDATE: I turn on the television to see CNN’s Morning Express covering the YouTube top videos of the year.  However, instead of pointing out the obvious, they instead decided the newsworthy thing to do was to add their own interpretations of the Talking Dog. The follow-up story was “Santa monkeys around with chimps”… no joke.



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