Super Bowl 2012 – Ad props & nots


I always feel a little awkward where Super Bowl ads are concerned.  I believe it was a Mashable article that referred to advertising during the big game as relating to zeitgeist, which kind of has me a little concerned.  I shouldn’t feel like the oddball for disliking personified animals or talking babies.  But, to say that talking monkeys and such is a reflection of our culture kind of worries me.

My personal props this year go out to Chevy, Budweiser and Honda, which would probably really surprise my friends.  Chevy played on some serious PR with the direct attack against Ford.  I also thought that “Stunt Anthem” was pretty cool too. As for Budweiser with the “Eternal Optimism” spot, it made me smile.  I don’t know… it seemed genuine and it’s something we may just need to get out of this learned helplessness rut we’re in. The bleak depictions of industry demise kind of bums me out… Failure of the auto industry to compete effectively in the global market shouldn’t make me feel bad.  It should make them want to get off their butts and actually listen to their markets instead of dictating what consumers want… that only works for Apple.

Oh, I totally dig Honda’s “Matthew’s Day Off” campaign… They couldn’t have tapped into their target market any better, and I’m left wondering how many people younger than me have seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

My personal nots go out to the majority of animal ads and the GoDaddy spots.  I mentioned the animal distain before, but I just think GoDaddy is full of themselves to stick with the same stuff and remain in-house for development.  Their ads are nothing better than amateur, and I’m not even judging based on how much they suck for supporting SOPA (opposed later for obvious reasons).

As for the Volkswagon spots, I thought combining the dieting dog with the Star Wars cantina was a little too fragmented. It just didn’t transition well, and it was too obvious they were trying to keep up the momentum from last year.  It wasn’t terrible, but it failed to meet my expectations.  One prop for that spot would be their choice of car to include (Red Beetle) and the many snapshots of the logo.  People will likely remember whose ad it is this time.  Anyone remember their Fahrvergnügen campaign?

Oh, I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention the Coke ads.  Sure, Pepsi’s wasn’t anything special and it would have been much better without Regis, but I’ll never understand what polar bears have to do with drinking flavored high-fructose corn syrup (which I love so much). Really, what is the link there? I’m a big fan of many of Coke’s other ads, but just not the polar bear ones.

Either way, it’s been real… I still have no clue how to play football, but I can say for certain that the commercials have had me excited for weeks. Still, no competition to “1984” out there yet… Apple is still holding that title and going strong.

PS: Note to Samsung regarding “Thing Called Love”… The millions of people with iPhones are laughing at you.

Check out all of the ads on the AdBlitz YouTube channel.

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