Celebrating women… The past is prologue of course


Of all the textbooks I went through during college, only a few remain in my possession.  Feminism: The Essential Historical Writings, is among these.  The women’s history class this book is from was one of my favorites, no doubt.  I always left empowered.  I left feeling like expression and freedom were beautiful things.  I think we sometimes forget.

Because it’s International Women’s Day,  I just happen to pull out the Essential Writings book and noticed my notes in a few of my favorites. In those moments when you find yourself smiling, you know it’s something worth sharing.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Solitude of Self), Virginia Wolf (A Room of One’s Own) and Margaret Fuller (Women in the 19th Century) are all voices in a history rich with ambition and determination.

The past is certainly prologue… Today, I’m inspired.  There’s a long road ahead.

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