Good times in Anaheim with ASQ


So, the ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement wraps up today and I have to say it’s been an intensely fun experience!  I’m even going to say this conference in Anaheim was even better than last year’s in Pittsburgh.  And, for those that recall my experience there, you know that’s hard to beat!

I’ve got pages and pages of notes to go through from the sessions and continue to think about many of the things the keynote speakers said.  I’ll be posting more in that regard to the Pro QC blog in the days to come.  However, I did just post a overview summary there.

The whole experience has been inspiring to say the least.  I’m humbled by the number of people passionate and knowledgeable about quality.  With sessions, keynotes and a spectacular gala event, networking and learning new things about the industry couldn’t have been more fun.  I was so delighted to reconnect with people I met last year, in addition to making so many new connections that share my love for quality.  I even rocked the dance floor at the gala thanks to a special someone who had the patience to lead someone with two left feet! And, I was really excited to be recognized at the reception dinner for my contributions as an Influential Voice.  All of us have worked very hard this year to “raise the voice.”

As I had noted in an earlier post, attendees were asked to walk 3,000 steps during each day of the conference.  It turns out a sedentary person may only average 1,000-3,000 steps a day, so having recorded my steps over the past few days, I realize I should take it up a notch. The ideal number is 10,000 steps per day and I’m pretty far away from that goal.

TheSRO hosted the walk, which included two miles around the convention center.  The smell of flowers and the sights of the city were a refreshing break from the conference rooms.  And, it gave me an opportunity to chat it up with some pretty cool people. 🙂

Of course, there’s a purpose to everything and the purpose of theSRO event was to tie in wellness and social responsibility.  As noted, this is incorporated into the ISO 26000 standard I’ve discussed in the past.  Awareness is important, no doubt!

So, thank you to everyone with ASQ that went above and beyond to create a fun and educational experience that connects people from across the world that understand the importance of quality in our personal and professional lives.  Good times!

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1 Comment

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