Operations Management – What is it all about?


At the recent ASQ conference, I met a pretty remarkable lady that, aside from having degrees in physics and business operations management and Six Sigma Green Belt certification and more, turns out to also be a poet.  In fact, I was so impressed by a poem that she had written and memorized that I asked her if it was OK to share.  As someone as outwardly passionate about what she does as I am, she was excited to pass it along to others.  Here it is…

Operations Management – What is it all about? 

Operations Management… What is it about? I used to ask this question in the past. 
I used to hesitate and doubt
 about spending two more years in class.

Operations Management seemed confusing. But, the first thing I learned about it
 was that simple productivity formula used to assess how well the company did.

Operations Management performs transformation by adding value and reducing waste.
 It is about replacing inventory with information and reducing delivery time from weeks to days.

It is also about constraints exploitation, continuous improvement and being lean. 
It is about reduction in process variation 
and competitive advantage that helps to win!

Operations Management is about people – How to motivate them and see their progress, No one’s job can be seen as little;
 Everyone contributes to the overall success.

So now I am standing here genuinely fascinated… The tools I’ve learnt have opened my eyes.
 This skill will help me solve business problems later and improve company’s and people’s lives!

These two years have been greater than all the rest. And, all my former doubts have fallen apart. Operations Management makes me do my best because Operations Management is in my heart.

You can find Elena Kuznetsova on LinkedIn. I really love her summary there:

“Enthusiastic, energetic and result-oriented professional, passionate about people, innovation, operations, processes and quality improvement. I apply continuous improvement to my profesional development and I have a “can do” attitude.”

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