Asian factories flock to Miami Beach


Good times were to be had last week in Miami as we participated in the 2nd Global Sources Electronics & Components show in the area!  It was actually my first time to Miami, although it is only a few hours away from Tampa.  Also, a death in the family resulted in our VP having to stay in IL.  My friend and colleague Jeffrey Moellering was scheduled last minute. He actually got some great photos of our adventures there.

I admit I struggled to get the booth together after catching a 6am flight.  Having no directions or vision of how the end product would look, I did finally ask for some union assistance.  With a two-hour limit at $100 per hour, it took a guy 20 minutes to throw it together and tell me it would be fine without certain parts obviously left over.  Having taken it down now, I don’t think getting it back to together myself will be an issue.  I learned something new that day.

A surprise visit from the owner and Managing Director of Pro QC, Ed Sanchez, was a welcome event!  He stopped by the booth on Tuesday and was able to spend some time with us over dinner.  It was like old times with me, Ed and Jeffrey all out to dinner chatting it up.  We strolled Lincoln Road and sampled some German beer and local fare.  I’ve worked with Pro QC for going on 14 years now and have enjoyed every moment!  Working with such knowledgeable, cool people certainly adds to my commitment.

The show itself was a lot of fun.  There were literally hundreds of Asian factories represented, selling everything from cable to baby clothes and everything in between.  I had fun talking to entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in various markets and talking about the importance of quality in that process.

It was a great show… It was a great trip!


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