Accelerating quality


The View from the Q this month has the quality crowd wondering, what can we do to accelerate the adoption of quality?  Paul Borawski, ASQ’s CEO, asks “why does it take so long for what is known to be true to become common practice?”

When it comes to quality, I really believe the consumer has the power. If we want to accelerate the adoption of quality, we must first evaluate ourselves as consumers. An organization has little choice when it comes to responding to the market’s needs and wants.  A competitive marketplace certainly has its advantages, but consumers must be responsible in driving it in the right direction.  Providing consumers with information and “raising the voice” of quality are both certainly effective ways to generate informed decision making.

When Pauls asks about why it takes so long for what is known to become common practice, I’m left with a shrug.  I have yet to discover why this occurs and share in Paul’s frustration.  The convincing argument for quality should have organizations throughout the world incorporating best practices and continuous improvement initiatives.  But, instead, it seems we face the same obstacles in overcoming the misconceptions of the cost of quality that we did years ago.  There are certainly organizations that have risen to the occasion and shine, but far too many knowingly stay cowered in the dark.

We need educated consumers and passionate, dedicated professionals to make progress where quality is concerned.  To accelerate quality, we need to care.

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