Speaking of failure… Carnival strikes again


Speaking of failure, I’d be livid with Carnival Corporation right now if I was one of the people stranded on the Triumph this past week.

The conditions Carnival left those passengers in is deplorable:

Toilets failed and passengers were forced to urinate in sinks. Later, the crew directed them to use red plastic biohazard bags, which stacked up outside staterooms. Moyes saw sewage dripping down walls. Sometimes people slipped on it, she said.

“It was like a hot Porta Potti,” Moyes said. And when the ship tilted, “it would spill.”

*LA Times

I find it terribly difficult to believe that Carnival couldn’t have handled the situation better. Recall that this isn’t the first Carnival disaster to be handled poorly.  Passengers were stranded for three days in 2010.  And, even last year we saw the Costa Concordia shipwreck in Italy that killed 32.  One mismanaged disaster after another… I wouldn’t even accept a free cruise from this company.

For the people who made it through this debacle, Carnival is providing discounted future purchases and $500.  No frickin’ way! If I was an investor, I’d bail right now if I hadn’t done so already.  The lawsuits are just going to keep piling up.

All the while, the CEO of Carnival apologized via Twitter and was spotted front row at an NBA game.  Major fail.

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