Chalk art made with love…


We decided to spend the afternoon in Hyde Park Village today primarily because of the St. Patrick’s Day activities going on, but also the annual Chalk Walk, which is an exhibition of talent on the sidewalks of South Tampa.  There were about fifty artists that took their craft to the streets, with artists ranging from as young as six.  There was quality in every inch of what each artist created.  You could tell by the proud expressions as they sat by and answered onlooker’s questions and smiled for photo opportunities.

My favorites included:


From a market segmentation perspective, the Nielson (PRIZM) information is quite interesting for the Hyde Park area.

The Chalk Walk was sponsored by the Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts.  Founded in 1989, is a not-for-profit organization of businesses committed to supporting arts and culture. TBBCA educates and motivates bay area businesses and individuals for their support and continued development of arts and culture within our community.The Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts believes in making art and culture accessible to everyone.

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