Tampa gets quality right


I live in Tampa, Florida. It’s beautiful here.

A 2012 estimate shows the Tampa Bay area population to have 4,310,524 people and a 2017 projection of 4,536,854 people. This doesn’t make ensuring quality easy, but overall I can say both Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa are doing a great job.  Paul Borawski is asking why this month?

1) Mission

The county’s mission focuses on quality and is consistent.  As quality professionals, we know this is where it starts.

The mission of Hillsborough County government is to provide effective quality service at a reasonable cost with courtesy, integrity and accountability in a manner that protects and enhances the quality of life of our diverse population.

The mayor of Tampa, Bob Buckhorn, continues to focus on “quality of life” in his State of the City and other communications and has succeeded with many initiatives, for example the Tampa Walk-Bike Plan among others.

2) Sustainability

In 2008, Tampa was ranked as the 5th best outdoor city by Forbes.

In 2012, Clean City removed over 1,237 tons of litter and debris including 14,131 snipe signs from major thoroughfares and residential corridors. In addition, 2,800 volunteers completed 91 clean-up projects and collected over 2.22 tons of litter and recyclables as part of the Annual Clean City Day.

In 2012, Tampa ranked in the Top 25 U.S. Cities with the Most ENERGY STAR Buildings.

Recently, the Traffic Signal Section completed the conversion of incandescent bulbs to LED for both traffic signals and pedestrian crossing signals. The conversion is saving the City more than 70% on the electric cost per year by converting the 65W incandescent bulbs to 15W LEDs.

St. Petersburg has gone all out with their efforts as well, and you can see it taking shape.

St. Petersburg is the first city in the state to receive the Green Building Coalition’s Green City designation, and has been recognized for energy conservation, recycling, water conservation, fuel efficiency, landscaping and preservation of open spaces, and other environmental programs.

3) Transparency & Accessibility 

If anything, people in Tampa can’t say there’s limited information available to them about what’s going on in their local government.  You wouldn’t have to look much farther than either the county or city websites for most things.

Hillsborough County

City of Tampa

The city is conveniently accessible via social media as well and actually posts consistent, useful information.  And, of course, City of Tampa Television (CTTV) is pretty cool.

If that’s not enough, as I was digging through their websites, I was impressed to see that the 2011 Quality Control Review Audit Report included praise to the government staff for their use of Risk Analysis!

Of course, continuous improvement is key and I’d likely have an earful to tell my local officials if they were standing right here.  But, I’d also add that I think they’re doing a great job.  Of course, community involvement and support is key.

I’ve travelled all over the world and must say Tampa makes a great home.

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