Think Pareto when thinking same-sex marriage…


I try not to post politically charged stuff, but I simply must say something here.  Why are we dedicating resources to discuss who people should marry?  Let’s consider for a moment why anyone would want to cause hardship and unhappiness on someone just because of who they happen to love.  It’s illogical and cruel.

In trying to wrap my head around the other side of this issue, I can only think of two possible causes for such thinking:


It’s immoral to claim revenue for such legislation, especially when you’re living in a nation founded on freedom. There’s a larger cost here. 


Separation of church and state.  Separation of church and state.

Let’s think about Pareto here and really focus on the 20% of our issues that are going to have the most significant impact on our country.  Even better, let’s not even consider this an issue anymore.


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