Small business professional training and development?


TeachLearnBlocks1The quality community is talking about professional training this month, and I find myself thinking of this as well having missed the annual ASQ Leadership Training in lieu of a work strategy session this past weekend.  Granted, the strategy sessions were incredibly productive and worth the rescheduling effort in this case.

In A View from the QPaul Borawski is asking who “encourages” me to pursue professional training… I must say that it’s a self-driven activity.  Based on experience and everything I’ve read, this is common in small businesses where professional development budgets are more tightly managed, if they exist at all.  I’m certainly not saying that small businesses fail to place an importance on professional training, but I am saying that having worked with several over the years, the training that does exist usually happens because the employee is self motivated and demands it.

An unfortunate trend I have noticed is that small and large organizations alike are cutting back on training and development budgets.  With the seemingly unlimited amount of online material for little or no cost, it is sometimes difficult to justify the cost of training. Of course, the networking and other benefits of such development are inarguable. It is what it is though.

As a reaction to this, I’ve recently gotten more involved with the local ASQ chapter and am serving as the Section 1508 Education Chair… This is something I’m kind of excited about!  My goal here is to make quality training accessible and “raise the voice” both across membership and to the community as well.

As a Section, we are in the process of developing low-cost workshops that can be used in a corporate environment or to focus on certain areas of certification Body of Knowledge information.  We all agree quality training and development must be promoted and made readily available for success.

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1 Comment

  1. masterintech  •  Sep 2, 2013 @8:42 am

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