The Qustomer!


I’m as guilty as the next person for loving information presented as a picture.  Infographics are a great way to recapture the TL;DR crowd.

In this case, I did read the complete Global State of Quality report and recommend others do so as well.  But, I also love the infographic highlights they just posted to View from the Q.

The shocking part of this information is the Continuous Improvement component.  It’s almost unbelievable that only 19% of manufacturing companies surveyed say quality is a competitive differentiator.  Almost a quarter of respondents say that quality is just a compliance activity!   Whoa… <insert big red flag here>

What I do love is the Qustomer! The Qustomer is the key to making it all better.

“In total, quality helps you provide better value and service to the customer. In fact, in many successful organizations, quality and customer are two concepts becoming one – the Qustomer.”



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