30 days of quality… World Quality Month


wqm-logo-397x219-300x165November is World Quality Month, and I’m a planner.

I’m thinking of 30 ways to make it really count…

How can we improve quality of life in simple ways?


1. Do a SWOT analysis on yourself.

2. Listen.

3. Set reminders to breathe at least once a day. Be in that moment.

4. Ask yourself, do you really need it?  Reduce your consumption.

5. Google something random, just because.  Be inquisitive.

6. Tell a friend something you love about quality. Start a conversation about quality.

7. De-clutter a closet or something… Make it lean.

8. Listen to music in a genre you normally wouldn’t.

9. Hug a tree.

10. Hug someone.

11. Tell someone how much you appreciate them and why.

12. Laugh for no reason.   Level-up and do it in public.

13. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

14. Develop a personal mission statement and write it on your bathroom mirror.

15. Color or draw something.  Hang it on the refrigerator.

16. Look at what you’re eating.  Keep a food journal for a day, week or month… Use the data to identify areas of improvement for better health.

17. Call or actually visit someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Reconnect.

18. Give a stranger a compliment.

19. Play your favorite song and sing along.

20. Stop. Reboot.

21. Write a sentence or two about the “corporate culture” in your household. Talk about it.

22. Get walking. The magic number is supposed to be 10,000 steps per day.  Yeah, there’s an app for that.

23. Brainstorm a comprehensive life to-do list.  Sort it out using an affinity diagram.  Use GANNT as necessary.

24. Play a game, any game.

25. Eat something new. Cook something.

26. Dance without music.

27. Make a vision board. 

28. Volunteer for something.

29. Flowchart your day and identify areas of improvement.

30. Repeat.

For work, raise the voice by learning more about quality and talking to others.  Try my quality crossword and word search to sharpen your skills…

Other ideas?



  1. Daniel Zrymiak  •  Oct 4, 2013 @3:28 pm

    Great Article! These are 30 steps to not only better quality, but a better life.

    Two additional ideas:
    – Read and learn something new – in an unfamiliar area or subject. Identify new lessons that can be applied to your core work. (Example of how Steve Jobs applied the artistry of calligraphy to his computer designs and user interface).
    – Write something for publication in a blog, a newsletter, a magazine, a journal, or a book. This will not only be credited as professional points for ASQ Recertification, it will be helpful for yourself and others to communicate quality wisdom.

  2. jenn  •  Oct 8, 2013 @1:15 pm

    Great additional ideas!