Manufacturing Day 2013 – Hillsborough County Proclamation


So, I checked my kid out of elementary school early today to attend a Manufacturing Day event at Middleton High School.  It was actually an announcement regarding a proclamation signed by the county commissioners documenting their recognition and support of local manufacturing and STEM education. Commissioner Mike Sharpe read the proclamation and thanked the audience of students, sponsors and school administration that attended. Aidan felt really special because he got to hold it and was recognized during the initial introductions. 🙂

The “event” part will really take place tomorrow when students get to visit various manufacturers in the area and learn more about hands-on production.  Seriously, how fun is that?!  Props to the organizers at FLATE for putting everything together!

Our local ASQ chapter was one of several sponsors, which is why I was there.  I took Aidan because he’s an engineer at heart, and I knew he would appreciate it as much as I did.  It turned out to be a great networking opportunity.  I love spending time with people passionate about what they do!

Afterwards, I sat down with Aidan and wanted to know how much he really understood about manufacturing and what it’s all about.  Here’s what he said…

Here’s the Proclamation…


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