Going beyond quality… Personal quality


bth_Stick_figureThe latest View from the Q post brought up two interesting points of note.  The first is as simple as loving the idea of the Doors Open event in Milwaukee where local businesses open their doors to visitors.  There are so many potential benefits here that I think a similar event in Tampa would be a lot fun!

The key point of the post, however, is the identification of areas that go beyond what we traditionally associate with quality.  I agree with Paul Borawski’s observation that quality is often limited to manufacturing in the minds of those outside of the industry.  We’ve mentioned this before, but explaining your job in quality can be challenging to someone not familiar.

The marketer in me says the way we expand the tools and concepts of quality is identifying that the root cause is people.  The tools are available, and the Global State of Quality certainly backs up the idea that people are aware.  But, my personal observation is that we haven’t yet incorporated quality into our daily lives to the extent that we’re capable. The word “quality” is all around us, but we don’t own it like we should.

You can’t dispute that quality is an industry inundated by data and all the things that engineers and “those types” enjoy.  It’s what makes quality work in all of the industries we focus on.  I get it.  But, there is another side of quality that can make an equal or greater impact when it comes to the overall objective.  If we focus more on the individual and getting quality into their daily lives, this thinking will trickle over into their professional lives and then quality really does become everyone’s responsibility… But, not as an organizational mandate this time.

I started thinking about this when I realized many people attending our local meetings were doing so to obtain the certification points.  Their employers require certification.  To them, quality is part of their job.  It’s never been properly introduced outside of that space as something fun and beneficial to personal satisfaction. If some of our own members are thinking this way, imagine what everyone else is thinking.

Fluffing up “quality” for the mainstream might just be what we need to get serious about everything else.

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