Quality of Life at Work – Survey says…


Harvard Business Review recently posted information regarding The Energy Project that includes a nifty little assessment tool that’s actually worth the time to sit down and ponder.  The feedback you receive is constructive and includes great additional resource information.

“For years now, surveys conducted by firms such as Gallup and Towers Watson have shown that only about 30% of employees feel truly engaged and satisfied at work. What we want to know is: What would it take to change that, dramatically?

Our premise is that in a world of relentlessly rising demand, employers need to shift from trying to get more out of people to investing more intentionally in meeting their core needs. This means employees would be freed, fueled, and inspired to bring more of themselves to work.”

My visual results:


My specific rating and the average respondent rating is included as a scroll-over feature.  Each category is broken down and explained further.  My 30 days of quality includes a SWOT analysis, and I think this is actually a really useful perspective.  I’m sure I would have drawn this sans survey with much higher ratings, so I am surprised.

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