Valentine’s Day Networking Opportunity – Kid Style


So, my son is in 4th grade now and this is probably the last year they’ll pass out Valentine’s cards.

When I asked him how the card exchange went at school, he noted that it was pretty uneventful.  He said they were given about 15 minutes to walk around and put cards in everyone’s bags.  This kind of bummed me out.

Next week in my management class, we’ll be doing a networking activity where students will rotate around the room and must introduce themselves and pass out a certain number of business cards.  I find this to be a critical skill in business, and I doubt many would disagree.

Isn’t Valentine’s Day a great opportunity to teach our kids something about networking?  Why not give them a few extra minutes to walk around and socialize with friends and new people in the class they may not have an opportunity to speak with often?  It’s fun for them, but it’s actually learning something useful as well.

As a sidenote, I did find the ultimate Valentine’s Day card that no quality assurance professional can resist:



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