Countdown to Dallas – World Conference on Quality & Improvement 2014


You earn your “Quality Geek” badge (literally) when you get excited about approval to go the World Conference on Quality & Improvement.  Although I missed it last year, I’m excited to say we’ll be exhibiting and attending this year. I’m very excited to see some familiar faces and share the love!

The theme this year is:

The Global Impact of Quality

Globalization connects us all, and through it, we see the growing influence of quality reach beyond individual organizations, industries, countries, or regions. International markets continue to influence each other, supply chains continue to grow increasingly international in scope, and more and more businesses are required to consider and align to the standards of multiple countries. Today’s global climate brings both challenge and opportunity, and in the face of both, we look to bring structure and stability to organizations and management systems that touch and are touched by multiple countries and varying cultures.

The influence quality has today is broader than in any other time and history, and the potential it brings is without limit. Within this setting, the 2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement offers a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts, and peers eager to share the best practices, tested solutions, and proven results.

I’ve already gone online and scheduled the conference sessions I want to attend.  Logistics will be challenging as I navigate from booth to conference but it’s doable.  With so many viable options, I wanted to plan out my time.  It goes by so fast!

As someone who has attended my fair share of conferences and events, I’ll say that the World Quality Conference is a unique experience because of the attendees and their passion for the field.  As soon as you get there, talking about root cause analysis or something like PDCA aren’t uncommon discussion topics while in line for coffee.

So, yeah… I’m ready.  I’m ready to learn stuff and talk to people as passionate about quality as I am and likely I’ll spend too much time in the ASQ Bookstore booth again, but that’s OK.  I can’t wait.

I’ll be keeping up with things via social media… ASQ reached out to the Influential Voices again this year to represent.  I didn’t attend last year, but did really enjoy following everyone and catching up with this way.

The countdown is on…

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