“Hello, Goodbye”


I’d like to do two things here…

First, I want to thank Paul Borawski for his 28 years of leadership as CEO of American Society for Quality.  I wish him all the best during his sabbatical and beyond! As a member of ASQ for nearly 13 years, I think, I’ve seen ASQ really raise the voice of quality and I’ve seen a group of industry professionals connect like no other industry I know of.

Having only briefly spoken to Paul at a previous World Conference, I will say that success like this doesn’t come without a powerful leader behind it.  He certainly made an impression.  I’ve enjoyed engaging as an Influential Voice and can see his passion there as well.

Once in quality, always in quality Paul!

Secondly, a big welcome to the new CEO Bill Troy!  The latest View from the Q post provides an introduction, and I will say that I’m looking forward to hearing more from him in Dallas and as we continue to move forward.

“This is a time of change for ASQ.  A change in leadership and transformational changes in the nature of the organization.  Quality remains a great opportunity for the world as it struggles with opportunity of ever greater proportion.” ~Paul Borawski

Sidenote: One of my favorite Beatles songs is “Hello, Goodbye.”  It just so happens this was played at the end of the Magical Mystery Tour film. 

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