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project_42_homepage_imageI am super excited to share the schedule of classes I’ve been asked to assist with this fall.  As someone in the corporate world, I know that training and development can be very costly from third-parties, and HCC’s Institute for Corporate & Continuing Education and HCC offer the same level of education at a reasonable cost with convenient scheduling.  These organizations are a vital part of our communities for so many reasons.

Research indicates time and time again that ongoing education has intrinsic value that employees seek, not to mention the quality of life impact continuous learning can have.  And, this type of education extends opportunities to individuals looking for new jobs or looking to switch careers.  It’s invaluable to veterans, entrepreneurs, and just about anyone that appreciates lifelong learning and personal/professional development as much as I do.

Anyway, the shameless promotion here is what it is… These classes are worth sharing because I sincerely think there’s value in the content, and I put a lot of love into each of them.

HCC ICCE (Davis Island)

August 2nd – Class 9-5pm (Quality Basics)

I developed this class to introduce individuals to the general quality concepts as noted by ASQ and the Body of Knowledge of several of their certification exams.  The course will also be valuable to anyone interested in improving the quality within their organizations.

August 7th – Webinar 2-3pm (Making Sense of Social Media)

I’m using the PDCA here, quality peeps will appreciate that, to identify and manage personal brands online and help you stay engaged in your industry, represent your organization and excel in your career. I’ve even fit a SWOT analysis in there.

August 16th & 23rd – Class – 9-5pm  (Managing Quality)

I developed this class to meet the needs of ASQ members seeking various certifications with managing quality included in the Body of Knowledge.  The class will be general enough to benefit anyone looking to improve quality in their organization.

August 19th – Class ECD 8908 6-9pm (Social Media Skills) 

I’ll be assisting people that want to develop a personal profile and network to assist them in finding a job and creating contacts.

August 21st – Class ECD 8907 6-9pm (Networking Skills that Work) —Also offered on November 10th

This is going to be so much fun. I’m taking some of the activities I do in my regular management class and using them to create a hands-on experience that even the most introverted individual will enjoy.  There’s also a lot of tips and planning strategies to make the whole thing painless.

September 25th – Webinar 2-3pm (Expanding your Social Network)

I’ll be going into more depth regarding how people can expand their social network using LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc. This course will be modified based on attendee demographics as to whether there will be a focus on small business or the individual.

November 13th – Class 6-9pm (Social Media for Small Business

We’ll be evaluating the various options for social media involvement and strategically evaluating and deciding on an optimal mix  We’ll be establishing and further developing relationships with existing customers and managing the organization’s position within the marketplace.  Connecting with target markets to increase inquiries and understanding and employing metrics for success are also key components.

HCC (Dale Mabry)

My regularly scheduled (credit) courses at HCC Dale Mabry will hopefully remain the same (8/26-12/9):

  • Principles of Management  (MAN1021) on Tuesday evenings 7-9:45pm
  • Marketing (MAR1011) on Wednesday evenings 7-9:45pm

**Enrollment has not met minimum requirements here yet, but I’m hopeful based on past numbers.

ASQ Certification Study Session

The final Certification Exam Study Session that the local section hosts will be September 20th.  Registration is required online.  This is our first year offering these, and the first two received really positive feedback.  Certified members will be on-site to answer questions and facilitate groups… Only $20. (8am-12pm @ HSN in St. Pete)

It’s all really good stuff, I think anyway… Really good stuff! 🙂

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