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It’s November… Leaves are changing colors with the season everywhere other than where I’m at in Florida, retail stores are preparing for Christmas, I can almost smell the Thanksgiving spread, and it’s World Quality Month once again!

I posted something to the Pro QC blog this time that I think is worth reposting.  Last year, I observed World Quality Month with “30 days of quality” that I’ll say I honestly completed about 70-80% of.  But, I didn’t want to do the same thing again. Instead, I took a weekly approach and made some solid suggestions. It’s a more organizational approach, but it can certainly be applied on an individual level as well.

Week 1 – Spread awareness.

  • If you work in quality, tell your friends, family and co-workers more about what you do and why you do it.  Ask them what they think quality is and open a discussion about its importance.
  • Host a special team meeting (celebration) at work and recognize World Quality Month. Talk about what the organization has done throughout the year to support quality and what future goals/objectives include.
  • If you are unable to host a special meeting for World Quality Month, add it to the agenda of a regularly scheduled meeting and encourage employees to submit quality improvement suggestions or learn more at links such as those provided at the end of this post.
  • Send out an organization-wide email reinforcing the importance of quality and including additional references such as those listed below and other training opportunities that may be available.

For week one, I’ve personally shared all I can with friends and family both online and offline (I’m sure they love me that much more now), I’ll be helping out with our local ASQ Section’s World Quality Month picnic on Saturday, and I did score on the free 6 month membership opportunity ASQ is offering to member friends and colleagues… Thank you Tony, you’re going to love it! 

Week 2 – Look inward.

  • Brainstorm ideas for improving quality within the organization. Get everyone involved.  If you gave everyone an index card and asked them to write suggestions for improvement, imagine what the value of that information could turn into when you consider the potential cost savings and team support.
  • Perform an internal systems evaluation/audit to identify areas of improvement.  Evaluate and plan for corrective action.  Communicate support.

Week 3 – Use the tools.

  • Take the opportunity to incorporate a new quality tool into your regular mix.  You’ll likely see an ongoing issue in a new way.
  • Setup training for staff that may not usually use quality tools and show them how they can be incorporated into the the efficiency of their work and personal lives.
  • Purchase a copy of the Quality Toolbox for all managers.

Week 4 – Keep it going.

  • Quality isn’t something we should only recognize for one month during the year. Continuous improvement is, in fact, the core of what quality means.
  • Continue with regular training of all staff in various quality principles and keep everyone in the organization informed regarding quality initiatives and progress.
  • Setup a World Quality Month planning committee to organize events for next year!

I also found and referenced some additional resources that are worth sharing… The quizzes are particularly fun!


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