Inside the Bubble: WCQI 2015


UntitledIt’s well known that I’m a fan of the World Conference on Quality & Improvement.  This year added something a little different, as I’ve increased my involvement in the association.

Participating more closely in the inner workings of ASQ has enlightened me in many ways…

There are awesome people in the world that you can hang out with. For real, as humble as they may be, there are authors, professional speakers and recognized industry award winners everywhere at WCQI… Oh, and I even met one of the engineers that works on the Mars Mission jet propulsion system. These guys/gals are everything I want to be when I grow up… And, I’m working on it.

Speaking to your peers is an amazing experience.  No doubt, when I told myself I had to be a speaker at WCQI, the actual moment exceeded my expectations. I must do that again.. Achievement unlocked.

You’ll never find a more supportive group of people.  At WCQI, it’s all about helping and encouraging people.  For example, as I was waiting for my presentation, one of the individuals I’ve come to know decided they would tag along and give me some constructive feedback.  I had asked for the feedback so that I could improve before next time in October.  This guy and another one hung out for a while afterwards and gave me some incredibly valuable advice. And, the guy that moderated my session is someone that has taken considerable time over the years to assist with my Fellow nomination, inform me of complementary opportunities, introduce me to other awesome quality peeps and more. This kind of support is just really kind of special, and it doesn’t stop with the conference. Everyone I’ve met at WCQI has a helpful heart.

Member volunteers run the association. As I’ve gotten more involved in the Section and now with the new SR Technical Community, I have a different perspective of ASQ.  I never realized how much members volunteering their time really do in terms of driving the direction of the association. They run the place.  As a member, everyone has an opportunity to be a part of this, and I highly recommend it.  It’s a great experience, and there’s certainly a sense that you’re making a difference.

Let your quality geek flag shine at WCQI. Want a picture with Deming or Juran? You’ll have to wait in line at this event, or you may be special enough to snag some nifty notecards or guru magnets. It’s the place where quality tool stickers are highly sought after and prized. Go with it… It’s nice to be around people who share similar passions.

As I’ve returned energized and am in the process of sorting through the contacts and inquiries from the exhibition, I’m smiling in anticipation of Milwaukee next year. Good job ASQ!

ASQ (American Society for Quality) is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better.




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