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The road to Fellow… The quality dream.



So, I just wrapped up my ASQ Advancement to Fellow Membership package and I’m reflecting on the amount of work that went into preparing everything. Serious stuff.

It’s no joke. It started when I noticed Fellows at the conferences years ago. They’re special… They have a special lunch and everything.  I knew then that I wanted to eventually be one of those guys (girls).

What does it really mean? Well, it kind of means you’re quality awesomeness…

“ASQ Fellows are leaders in the quality movement, making quality a personal ethic, an organizational imperative and a global priority,” said ASQ Chair John Timmerman. As Fellows, ASQ acknowledges their tremendous contribution to quality and their commitment to making the world we live in better through quality.”

ASQ has defined a Fellow as an individual who has attained distinction in one or more of the following ways:

• Planning or operating quality related work activities.
• Teaching a major course in a quality related academic discipline at an accredited school or
• Developing original theories, principles or techniques of quality related work.
• Expounding useful theories, principles or techniques of quality related work.
• Directing work of significant scope in the application of quality related work

It’s old school too…

Fellow status has been part of ASQ since it was first founded in 1946 but was somewhat easier to attain at that time. Back then, a Senior Member at least 33 years old who had worked in the quality field for at least 10 years could simply petition for an upgrade. If the board of directors unanimously approved, that member would be recognized as a Fellow.  

About a year ago, a good friend of mine started talking about the requirements, and it got me feeling motivated to put the last sixteen years of work together and go for it.  I reached out to the Member Leaders in our section and started the process by requesting a nomination.

According to ASQ bylaws, Fellow membership status may be awarded to those individuals who have been ASQ members in good standing and meet the following criteria:
— Have at least 15 years of quality-related experience.
— Achieve requirements across six professional categories.
— Are sponsored by peers and endorsed by their ASQ section and/or division.
— Have been a Senior member for five years or longer.

Once I got started, I realized the actual breadth of requirements that this title requires.  And, the more challenging it seemed, the more I wanted it.  I want to go to that lunch…

The six professional categories you’re defending for at least 28 points include:

  • Technical Competence
  • Occupational Responsibility
  • Publications
  • ASQ Activities
  • Professional Affiliations other than ASQ
  • Teaching or Consulting

So, the next step is for me is to send out what feels like a work of art that represents the heart and soul of my entire career for an Examining Committee to review.  After a series of objective checks, we think 30 points are applicable. Here’s hoping my awesomeness shines through! 🙂


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