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Blogging about blogging… Meta


So, I’m giddy yesterday as I checked the mail and discovered the latest issue of Quality Progress had arrived. I may be well into adulthood, but I still snapped a pic of my article and texted it to my mom.  Hehe.

Anyway, I’m glad ASQ chose blogging as a feature topic for the month.  What better way to encourage “raising the voice” in the industry? There’s something intriguing in that it’s Independence Day too.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” Benjamin Franklin

Based on QP’s reference to there being 6.7 million people writing on blog sites and 12 million blogging via social networks, speech is indeed flowing.

But, back to blogging and my article about blogging… While the other contributors do not appear to write for their employers per se, I do feel very fortunate to say this is part of what I get to do for Pro QC.  I can even remember writing the email a few years ago suggesting that we create a blog and post stuff about quality.  We’ve had really positive feedback since, and I do feel like we’re adding value.

Writing about quality for both ijenn and Pro QC has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know other bloggers in the industry and learning from their insights as well.

From this particular issue of Quality Progress, I enjoyed the perspectives and highly recommend these blogs:

Jimena Calfa – Let’s talk about Quality

I’m totally impressed with the mnemonic device Jimena included in her article and must share.

Be yourself, discover what your passion is and let it flow on your blog.

Lean your blog. Keep it simple, fresh, professional and without waste.

Overcome any bad and negative comments or critics.  Think of them as great opportunities for improvement.

Get focused on a specific audience.

Grow a quality community.

Interact with your readers.

Network: Let the world know about you and your blog.

Get moving and keep improving.

Mark Graban – Lean Blog (Lean in hospitals, business, and our world) 

Right on that “writing must be a passion.”  Love that he’s blogged nearly every weekday for the last nine years… I’m sure he too understands the power of the blinking cursor, both on the easy to write days and those that just “blink.”

John Hunter – Curious Cat Management (Management improvement) 

True, and I’d add that the real skill is being able to do that well…  “Blogging allows you to provide evidence that you have something to say worth listening to.”

Daniel Zrymiak – AQualitEvolution 

There’s a voice to raise because of people out there using “this communication channel to present viewpoints and opinions on the pertinent quality issues of the day.” I agree with Daniel here that blogging has “refined my approach and allowed me to target my interests and communicate more precisely.”

I’m looking forward to joining a few of these guys on the 23rd for an ASQ hosted Hangout. 🙂

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