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Then we ship…


I have an interesting perspective when it comes to the quality industry and the professionals who work in this field.  I’m a niche to start with because I’m a quality professional specializing in marketing and communications within the industry.  I work with the folks that make quality happen… those savvy individuals that ultimately ensure customer expectations are met or exceeded.  I’m lucky enough to be involved throughout the supply chain.

Because I work for a mid-sized company and I’ve been with them for so long, I wear a few different hats.  And, nothing sums up my general observation like what I saw posted the other day:


It’s time for quality professionals to develop that “special bond of friendship” so that true kaizen can really happen!

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Sad, but true… and funny


I saw this posted on Quality Inspection Tips and had to share it… I actually laughed out loud thinking about all of the stories I’ve heard over the years relating to these very issues .  Imagine how different this would look if quality and the simple concept of continuous improvement was built in to each process.


























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Dilbert… “Well then, the quality is bad.”


Had to post this…

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Funny Quality Cartoons…


Thought these were hilarious…



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