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Facebook quizzes right on… “Quality means everything to me.”


I can’t resist a Facebook quiz. BuzzFeed and Zimbio know me better than I know myself sometimes… LOL.  It’s just fun, what can I say?!

There is one quiz that nailed it on the spot with my passion for quality though.  And, that was worth posting:


Oh, and how about this, right?! They’re mind readers…



Sure, the average American spends 40 minutes per day on Facebook.  In between the cute little animal and baby photos, there’s got to be more to it then.  Wny not be introspective with the modern day equivalent of the Cosmopolitan magazine quizzes I fondly remember taking as a teenager? In my defense, I’ve never played Candy Crush or Farmville!

Here’s a quiz you don’t want to miss: What Kind of Engineer Should You Be?


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