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Video: Quality for Life & Me…


For all the times I’ve stood up and encouraged people to challenge themselves and stretch their comfort levels, I must announce a person win.

My SWOT analysis consistently reveals a weakness related to my video presence. Somewhat surprising is that I’d say public speaking is a strength, but that camera changes everything. I’m told it’s quite an entertaining sight to see.

Long story short, I’ve responded to ASQ’s call for participants to share stories for a few years now. And, each year I’ve found that my expectations of looking like someone physically suffering have materialized.  Each year, I’ve requested they don’t post the video even before I saw the final copy.

Not this year.

I decided to give the video thing another try this year at WCQI because, why not? I had a message I wanted to share and a personal obstacle to overcome.

It surprises me that I forgot about the video, but I did… A friend recently texted a link to none other than myself looking mostly normal on the ASQ site.  I’m so excited to be able to share this information in a format I challenged myself to improve in. Yay.

Quality for Life: Using Quality Tools in Your Personal Life

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The ultimate quality assurance training video


I stumbled on this video today and absolutely had to post it.  It reminds me of those videos from the Dharma Initiative in Lost. It’s great content though!  His excitement makes me want to run out and get a job in QA…

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The Simple Truth: What is CSR?


theSRO just posted an entertaining and to-the-point video on CSR that is a must share.  It exceeds the usual attention span, but it’s worth the watch.  They speak the truth… and, it’s morbidly funny.

What is Corporate Responsibility?

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Keeping me smiling today… Sesame Street & Mr. Rogers


As we brave through Tropical Storm Debby here in Tampa, the biggest challenge remains me trying to entertain two kids who are housebound.  Between projects, games, movies and general silliness, we found a few videos on YouTube that I’ve found myself singing even when they’re not around.

I smile ear to ear whenever I watch this… “There’s nothing I can’t achieve because in myself I believe.”

Here’s the other one that gets me inspired… “You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind… It’s good to be curious about many things.”


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