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What’s the muda?


no-muda-leanSo, husband returns home yesterday… In discussing our activities, he mentions that I would be impressed by something their Vice President had shared. He described it as a way of eliminating waste and tested me to see if I knew the Japanese word for that. After a long day, he even made the effort to find the content and shared Six Sigma and muda diagrams with me. OK…

Now, this all comes within an industry that you wouldn’t consider the most competitive marketplace so the incentive for continuous improvement is reduced. But, I have had the opportunity to watch it grow over the years and think that incorporation of concepts like this outside of our little quality industry “bubble” is impressive stuff.

So, haha…

Just yesterday, I sat here and wrote about quality not being ambitious enough.  Interesting how selective perception works like that.

Either way, this sparked my thoughts on the subject and I realized that I do hear more and more organizations of all sizes incorporating quality into the fabric of things. When I first started working in the industry many moons ago, significantly fewer people had heard about the concepts we drop as jargon amongst friends. That’s a good thing, and a sure sign that we’re doing something right.  Like quality professionals tend to do, are we just engaged in a process of continuous improvement and never satisfied with the results until perfection (total reach) is achieved?  Would that be so bad? Maybe that’s what the mission has been the whole time.

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