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World Quality Month 2015… Wooooo


Yup… Brace yourself. Quality Month is coming.

I take World Quality Month pretty seriously for a few good reasons. The best reason is that it gives me an opportunity to talk about what I love, which is also what I do.  For those of us working in quality, we know all too well that folks outside the circle don’t necessarily understand what quality really is, or what the people working in the industry do.  We have tools that makes things better.  We should share them.

Throughout November, I take the opportunity to let quality shine. Last year in our local section, we hosted a picnic celebration in lieu of our regular monthly meeting. There were quality giveaways and fun activities that made the day really special.  The best part was seeing the families of the members that attended.  That was special.

This year, the Section 1508 Board has a few ideas in mind.  I’m looking forward to presenting as an introduction. I want to use some of the facts and other resources ASQ has posted to share with our local members.  And, I’m hoping to engage in some fun quality bingo or quality trivia and have prizes and raffles. Who doesn’t love prizes and raffles? One of the Board members suggested “I Love Quality” temporary tattoos… Win.

In addition to the local section activities, I’m organizing stuff for work. I’m in an interesting spot here because I work for a quality services provider. So, my audience is much larger than our team. I’m able to extend the message to our client base via email, blog posts, etc.  I don’t use it as an opportunity to sell. Rather, it is a genuine attempt to share the resources and spread the word.  I will say we’ll likely be offering special promotions on services too though. That’s just the marketer in me, so it had to be done. I am also working on organizing some special lunch celebrations in our offices throughout the world.  I’d like to get some pics and share them among our global team.  World Quality Month connects us.

I’m wanting to at least post something to Facebook a few times throughout the month.  I love quality quotes, so I’ll probably use those across my personal social media network.  Oh, a quality quote overlaid on a kitty pic for Facebook.  Hmmmm.  People would read that, no doubt.

LinkedIn is really the perfect place to share this stuff. I’m hoping to directly post something to my feed and also see what’s going on in the groups.

For real though, I’m getting psyched. I was excited to see this month’s View from the Q post is asking for ideas and suggestions. I’m looking forward to reading the other Influential Voice’s posts and general comments. Starting in October, I’m also looking forward to participating in the photo contest again… #quality2030. Let’s do this!

PS: I made a word search and crossword a few years ago.  Access them here (Word SearchCrossword), and challenge yourself and/or your team. In 2013, I did “30 Days of Quality.” Use mine, or create your own.



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