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Fun with quotes…


I must say this quote generator is fun.


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Have fun getting involved with World Quality Month


World Quality Month continues to gain presence, with this year being the most talked about yet IMO.  I’m excited…

ASQ has done a great job of creating a site to recognize the month.  I absolutely love the flowchart for a life management cycle!  I’m actually still making my way through all of the videos and resources.  Good stuff.

There are also various ASQ promotions going on throughout the month that highlight quality’s “lighter side,” which I advocate for in order to successfully expand reach within the industry.

It’s fun to get involved (via ASQ):

  • Submit a photo of an item that has lasted for a long time (like a car or appliance) as part of the #qualitylasts contest on Twitter.  You could win a Canon digital camera. Use hashtags #qualitylasts and #wqm13.
  • A lot of quality folks like the Quality Quotes from ASQ’s Knowledge Center. In November, look for a “quality quote” generator in QP, ASQ’s flagship magazine.
  • Any time you make something better—that’s a quality moment. Submit your #qualitymoments on ASQ’s Facebook or Twitter now through November.
  • LinkedIn users can add “World Quality Month” as a skill on LinkedIn and encourage endorsements.

I submitted two photos to #qualitylasts that can be found on my Twitter profile.  Big smile when I saw that someone else posted a pic of a Subaru. That was a good one!

I’ve recently added a page of Quality Quotes to the Pro QC blog.  You can never have enough quotes!  Here’s one right from the latest View from the Q:

“November is the fourth annual World Quality Month, a celebration of quality, its impact on the world, and quality practitioners whose knowledge, experience, and passion make improved quality available for anyone who asks.”

I’m excited for our next local ASQ meeting.  We’re planning recognition and raffles and are encouraging members to bring a guest!

Counting down…


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30 days of quality… World Quality Month


wqm-logo-397x219-300x165November is World Quality Month, and I’m a planner.

I’m thinking of 30 ways to make it really count…

How can we improve quality of life in simple ways?


1. Do a SWOT analysis on yourself.

2. Listen.

3. Set reminders to breathe at least once a day. Be in that moment.

4. Ask yourself, do you really need it?  Reduce your consumption.

5. Google something random, just because.  Be inquisitive.

6. Tell a friend something you love about quality. Start a conversation about quality.

7. De-clutter a closet or something… Make it lean.

8. Listen to music in a genre you normally wouldn’t.

9. Hug a tree.

10. Hug someone.

11. Tell someone how much you appreciate them and why.

12. Laugh for no reason.   Level-up and do it in public.

13. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand.

14. Develop a personal mission statement and write it on your bathroom mirror.

15. Color or draw something.  Hang it on the refrigerator.

16. Look at what you’re eating.  Keep a food journal for a day, week or month… Use the data to identify areas of improvement for better health.

17. Call or actually visit someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Reconnect.

18. Give a stranger a compliment.

19. Play your favorite song and sing along.

20. Stop. Reboot.

21. Write a sentence or two about the “corporate culture” in your household. Talk about it.

22. Get walking. The magic number is supposed to be 10,000 steps per day.  Yeah, there’s an app for that.

23. Brainstorm a comprehensive life to-do list.  Sort it out using an affinity diagram.  Use GANNT as necessary.

24. Play a game, any game.

25. Eat something new. Cook something.

26. Dance without music.

27. Make a vision board. 

28. Volunteer for something.

29. Flowchart your day and identify areas of improvement.

30. Repeat.

For work, raise the voice by learning more about quality and talking to others.  Try my quality crossword and word search to sharpen your skills…

Other ideas?


Quality Around the Clock… Quality professionals take it personal


The American Society for Quality (ASQ) just posted their November Quality Progress feature that shares various stories regarding how quality professionals incorporate all that quality goodness into their personal lives.  From 5S for household chores to root cause analysis in relationships, I think these examples are great!

As we kick off World Quality Month this week, I think seeing the value of incorporating quality into our daily lives is the perfect place to start to raise awareness.  Of course, I submitted my own personal account of how I incorporate quality into our daily lives here at the Stepniowski pad.  My little contribution includes:

Setting Up Summer Fun

As summer break approaches each year, my kids know there’s a process to organizing how their time will be spent. This process was developed after realizing the tools I use at work were the solution to avoiding months of chaos, boredom and unmet expectations.

First, I ask everyone to brainstorm independently and generate some ideas about what it is they would like to do. I tell them to go all out and even include the craziest ideas they can imagine. My son once added he would like to visit the moon. Why not?

After the lists are completed, we use an affinity diagram to narrow down and group activities. With this, the kids don’t argue as much over who gets what. Everyone gets a voice—even parents. I take over with some mom kung fu after this to make things happen.

Aside from summer, our family uses checklists on a regular basis to make sure objectives are set and met. We even have a checklist for going to the beach! Incorporating quality tools into our everyday lives means we spend less time trying to figure how to get stuff done and more time having fun doing it.

In recognition of World Quality Month, I’m setting some goals:

1) Make it a point to sneak in something about quality to people not involved in the industry.  For starters, I’ll be sharing the Quality Around the Clock stuff with Facebook friends and family.   I actually got some great ideas reading those stories.  5S is applicable in more ways than I imagined!

2) I want to make sure the people I work with appreciate and understand the importance of quality and the indisputable benefits. Because I manage our organization’s social media that connects our team as well as clients, this is a no-brainer.

3) I’m announcing World Quality Month in my classes next week, and I want to ask students to consider three ways they could incorporate quality into their lives.  I’ll offer extra credit for incentive.

4) I’ve decided to volunteer as Education Chair for my local ASQ section.  Helping others understand and appreciate quality is well worth the time. And, I enjoy talking about it anyway!

Rather than focus on ensuring quality at work this month, I want to turn my awareness to the more personal.

After all these years, I still face challenges when explaining what I do to people outside of the industry.  We need to change this perception that quality is a bonus rather than something that’s expected.  If we start expecting it from others, we’ll likely make sure we’re walking the walk as well.  Imagine all of the significant and real improvements we could make!

Happy World Quality Month!

Learn more through ASQ here.

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